Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday #4

This is the day I wait for all week. I weigh myself other times during the week of course, but Wednesday are the only days my weight "really" counts.

Ok, so today's weight is……


That's another 2.8 pounds lost! 

Bringing the my total weight loss to 23.6 pounds!!

I'm super excited. Although, I was really hoping to see 23something on the scale today, I can't say I'm disappointed. I'm really just proud of myself for sticking to it this long. Truly thinking back I usually don't stay on diets more than 3 to 4 weeks. Then its just back to my old habits. This time though I'm over 5 weeks in and still no sign of wanting to give up. 

I'm finally starting to see changes. I mentioned in my last post how I recently went shopping and actually had a good time trying things on! And today, another small victory. I have a shirt I bought (without even trying it on) sometime around last October, with the intention of wearing it to Thanksgiving dinner. Well, I did end up wearing it. 

But I was miserable.

It was incredibly tight. I could barely sit in it. Standing wasn't as horrible as sitting, but as soon as I sat down at the dinner table with my in laws, I knew I wouldn't be enjoying dinner! I really felt like it was going to burst out of it!!

So, today as I was getting ready for work, I decided to try it on, just to see how it fit. Well, not only did it fit perfectly fine, it was also a little loose! I really couldn't believe it! It's a beautiful blouse that I only wore once because it was so uncomfortable, and now I know I can wear it whenever I want!

I really am just over the moon excited. I know the weight loss so far isn't incredible or super dramatic. But I'm changing my life little by little and I feel like I finally figured out a way to win my life long battle with fat!

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