Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mealtime Monday #1

I've been thinking of a few things to write on here on a regular basis. So, I'm going to start making "Mealtime Monday" posts every other Monday, and alternate them with "Motivational Mondays." And, yes, obviously I like my words to match the day of the week. lol

Ok, so "Mealtime Mondays" will be me sharing recipes or my favorite foods for the past 2 weeks. Every other Monday will be "Motivational Monday" where I will share a bit of what is keeping me motivated.

Alright, so for this first "Mealtime Monday" post I want to share my favorite food. Now, I must say this has always been my favorite thing. Pre-life style change, now, and I'm sure for the rest of my life. 

Wanna know what it is?


I'm pretty sure it's the one thing I could never give up.

So, one of my favorite things to eat is an avocado taco. I would grab a few flour tortillas, slice up some avocado, sprinkle some salt, and good to go!! 

Absolutely deeeelicious. Just thinking about it is making me hungry!!!

Now, I looked it up and the flour tortillas I would usually buy were 120 calories each. In one sitting I would usually have 4 of them. Top that off with some avocado and we are somewhere in the range of 640 calories!!! I would typically eat this with a side of chips and salsa… honestly, I don't even want to add up the total on that. Now, I've cut out flour tortillas, as much as I love them, I know if I had them around the house I wouldn't just eat one. Now my other favorite way to eat avocado was an avocado sandwich. That would be 2 slices of white bread, probably 1-2 tbs of mayo, avocado, and a sprinkle of salt. Adding up the calories on that is over 500 calories! Now, I didn't want to give up my avocado sandwiches, so now I'm just making them with "smarter" ingredients. Here are my new ingredients

Nature's Own bread - 40 calories per slice

Kraft Olive Oil Mayo - 35 calories per Tablespoon (the website says 45 calories but the bottle in my fridge says 35. I just double checked! lol BTW, you can get a free sample on their website.)

And of course.


Now, 1/4 a large avocado is about 50 grams, which equals out to about 80 calories. What I've been doing is slightly toasting one slice of bread. Once it pops out of the toaster I slice it in half. This won't work on very thin bread very well, but works perfectly fine on the bread I linked above. Once I slice it I basically have 2 very thing slices of bread. Then I put one table spoon of that olive oil mayo and my avocado. My new calorie total????

155 calories!!!!

Less than a third of the original! Now, I'll be honest, most times I make myself 2. However, thats still only 310 calories. Far less than just one sandwich, considering how I used to make them. And of course, even less than when I would make flour tortilla tacos. 

This makes me feel like I can still eat what I like, but don't have to use up half of my daily calories. I've eaten this a few times in the past couple of weeks and it is delicious!! I know "Avocado sandwiches" are probably not for everyone. In fact, it may not even sound good to a lot of people, but I hope this helps show how you don't have to give up all of the things you love. 

You just have to find a different way of making them!

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