Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mealtime Monday #2

I had this meal I'm about to share for the first time last week.

I must say, since the day I tried it, I knew I would be writing about it today.

It's not something incredibly amazing, but it is soooooo delicious!!

Alright, here it is.

Poblano Quesadillas!

I'm sure this is something common, but I had never thought to put poblano peppers in my quesadillas. 

4 corn tortillas = 200 calories. Of course, you don't have to eat 4, but this is a good "dinner size" for me.

28 grams of reduced fat mozzarella cheese = 70 calories. I tried the fat free version which is only 45 calories for the same serving size, but it basically had no taste. I rather use a few more calories and actually enjoy my cheese!! haha

1 poblano pepper = 13 (or so) calories!

First take the pepper and cut off the "end" so you can take out all the seeds. Then slice it into 4 long strips (thats really just to make it cook faster). Place the skin side down on a pan or griddle (no oil) on medium/high heat until the skin crackles and browns. Peel the skin and cut into thin strips. As for the quesadillas, just make those as normal. One portion of cheese (28 grams) won't make super cheesy quesadillas, but it's enough to give flavor and texture.  Once the cheese is melted add a few strips of the poblano pepper and fold the quesadilla to close it. 

Calorie total = 283!!! and it is sooooooo so good!

I typically have this with a serving of or popcorners sea salt chips which is 130 calories, and each serving is a lot of chips! And a bit of pace salsa, only 10 calories per serving.

So 4 quesadillas, chips and salsa for 

423 calories!!

Yes, please!!!

This is such an easy and delicious dinner. And yes, I'm aware that there is probably very little "nutrition" in this meal, but if you want something fast and tasty when you're craving quesadillas, these are amazing!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Really Old Navy?!?!

Ok, so I enjoy shopping at Old Navy. 


A couple of weeks ago I was looking for some new yoga pants. I couldn't decide if I should order from the regular line and get a XXL or go for the plus sized version. I went back and forth a few times, and ultimately decided to order the XXL, but as I was going back and forth I noticed something…

(Click on photo to go to oldnavy.com)

Can you spot it?!

And, no, I'm not talking about the fact that they raise the prices on all the plus sized clothing.

So, in case you have not yet noticed the difference. The "regular" sized yoga pants are called "Fold-Over" and the "plus sized" yoga pants are called "ROLL-OVER"

I find this insulting.

Now, I have more than just this issue with the Old Navy plus size clothing, but this just seems ridiculous. I feel like they are making a mockery of the idea of plus sized active clothing. 

But maybe I'm looking too much into it.

What do you think?

Food Journal Update

Ok, let me get to the point…

I stopped writing in my food journal… It was just a bit impractical. I had to use my phone/computer to look up the calories, remember to write them down, add everything up, sometimes add them up several times a day to make sure I still had enough left for my next meal. It started to get a bit annoying. So the new solution….

My fitness Pal!

In case you have not heard of it. My fitness Pal is a food and exercise journal app. It's basically an easy way to "food journal." It adds everything for you, and has access to a bunch of different food's nutritional information. It has made my life a whole lot easier.

I wanted to wait a while before I blogged about it, just in case I didn't end up liking it. But I do! I've used it for exactly 17 days (it tracks your calorie counting streak) and after just about 2 days I ditched the actual journal I was previously keeping. I have the app on my phone and iPad, so I'm never without it. You can also just go to the website, myfitnesspal.com, from basically anywhere.

So, as you may have previously read, I had set my calorie goal somewhere between 1300-1400. I was unsure about this number and I felt like I was just "winging it." However, when I first signed up for the app it asked me for my height, my current weight, my activity level, and my weight ultimate weight loss goal. It then asked me how many pounds I wanted to lose per week (max of 2 lbs. per week). 

And Voila!

It gave me a 1300 calorie goal per day.

So, I started tracking.

I also found another app called "Map My Walk" that actually links to my fitness pal, so any exercise I do gets added to my journal automatically. And best of all it tells you how many calories you've lost and subtracts it from the amount you've already used. 

It really is super easy and has made my calorie tracking less of a pain.

Feel free to add me!! (link below) We can encourage each other along the way!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday #5

Drumroll please……..

I lost 2 more pounds!!!!!

You know what that means?!

I can now see a "3" between my weight number haha

At this morning's weigh in I came in at 238.4! Exactly 2 pounds downs from last week and I finally got into the 23something! 

So total lost in now at 25.6 pounds, which is another amazing number! Today was just a great weigh in day. I'm so thrilled with the progress I made, and every time I see the scale it just makes me want to work harder to obtain my goals. 

Of course, my first "goal" is still fairly far, but I know if I keep going I'll be there eventually! 

The part of all this that really amazes me is how happy I feel to actually get on the scale. Every week I can't wait for Wednesday just to weigh myself! I just feel happier all around :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Motivational Monday #1

(Quote by Henry David Thoreau. I'm not sure where the artwork came from, unfortunately, I found it on pinterest with a non working link.)

We all have dreams of what our life could be or should be. I think this quote can inspire anyone, not just those that are trying to lose weight. But when I see it, and I think of the way I picture myself, I can see the "skinny and healthy" me. 

There's been many a time that I see an outfit, or think of an activity, and believe I can't possibly wear that, or I can't possibly do that. It's just in my dreams. 

But I have to be confident, I know exactly what I want, I picture it all the time. I have to go in that direction and follow my dreams. Now, of course, my dreams aren't all about losing weight, but it's something I know I want. I want to be able to wear whatever I want. I want to jog, run, hike, bike, kayak, or whatever it may be. I want to go to a theme park and not worry if I'll be able to fit in the ride. I want to go to a store and not have to walk to the (typically small) plus sized section. I want to go to the beach and not worry about the way I look in a swim suit. I want to sit on any chair without worrying it may bend or break. I want to not feel winded after even a short walk. I want to not have to think about the weight limit on basically everything! I want to get on a plane without thinking the buckle may not fit around me. I want to go to a play or a concert and not feel like I have to wedge myself into the seat. And about a million other things. I don't go around stressing about every little thing all the time, but all the things I just mentioned are thoughts I've had, or scenarios I've been in at one point or another.

Now, I'm not saying that by losing weight everything will be nice and dandy. I mean who knows I could be skinny and yet not afford the beach vacation, right? 

I just know that I'm not the best me. I'm not the "dream" me. 

I look at this quote on an almost daily basis. It is, after all, plastered on the front of my erincondren life planner. Whenever I look at it I think of all my dreams, weight loss and all others, and think I have to make a change, I have to walk towards my dreams.

 I have to go confidently in the direction of my dreams and live the life I so often imagine. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday #4

This is the day I wait for all week. I weigh myself other times during the week of course, but Wednesday are the only days my weight "really" counts.

Ok, so today's weight is……


That's another 2.8 pounds lost! 

Bringing the my total weight loss to 23.6 pounds!!

I'm super excited. Although, I was really hoping to see 23something on the scale today, I can't say I'm disappointed. I'm really just proud of myself for sticking to it this long. Truly thinking back I usually don't stay on diets more than 3 to 4 weeks. Then its just back to my old habits. This time though I'm over 5 weeks in and still no sign of wanting to give up. 

I'm finally starting to see changes. I mentioned in my last post how I recently went shopping and actually had a good time trying things on! And today, another small victory. I have a shirt I bought (without even trying it on) sometime around last October, with the intention of wearing it to Thanksgiving dinner. Well, I did end up wearing it. 

But I was miserable.

It was incredibly tight. I could barely sit in it. Standing wasn't as horrible as sitting, but as soon as I sat down at the dinner table with my in laws, I knew I wouldn't be enjoying dinner! I really felt like it was going to burst out of it!!

So, today as I was getting ready for work, I decided to try it on, just to see how it fit. Well, not only did it fit perfectly fine, it was also a little loose! I really couldn't believe it! It's a beautiful blouse that I only wore once because it was so uncomfortable, and now I know I can wear it whenever I want!

I really am just over the moon excited. I know the weight loss so far isn't incredible or super dramatic. But I'm changing my life little by little and I feel like I finally figured out a way to win my life long battle with fat!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mealtime Monday #1

I've been thinking of a few things to write on here on a regular basis. So, I'm going to start making "Mealtime Monday" posts every other Monday, and alternate them with "Motivational Mondays." And, yes, obviously I like my words to match the day of the week. lol

Ok, so "Mealtime Mondays" will be me sharing recipes or my favorite foods for the past 2 weeks. Every other Monday will be "Motivational Monday" where I will share a bit of what is keeping me motivated.

Alright, so for this first "Mealtime Monday" post I want to share my favorite food. Now, I must say this has always been my favorite thing. Pre-life style change, now, and I'm sure for the rest of my life. 

Wanna know what it is?


I'm pretty sure it's the one thing I could never give up.

So, one of my favorite things to eat is an avocado taco. I would grab a few flour tortillas, slice up some avocado, sprinkle some salt, and good to go!! 

Absolutely deeeelicious. Just thinking about it is making me hungry!!!

Now, I looked it up and the flour tortillas I would usually buy were 120 calories each. In one sitting I would usually have 4 of them. Top that off with some avocado and we are somewhere in the range of 640 calories!!! I would typically eat this with a side of chips and salsa… honestly, I don't even want to add up the total on that. Now, I've cut out flour tortillas, as much as I love them, I know if I had them around the house I wouldn't just eat one. Now my other favorite way to eat avocado was an avocado sandwich. That would be 2 slices of white bread, probably 1-2 tbs of mayo, avocado, and a sprinkle of salt. Adding up the calories on that is over 500 calories! Now, I didn't want to give up my avocado sandwiches, so now I'm just making them with "smarter" ingredients. Here are my new ingredients

Nature's Own bread - 40 calories per slice

Kraft Olive Oil Mayo - 35 calories per Tablespoon (the website says 45 calories but the bottle in my fridge says 35. I just double checked! lol BTW, you can get a free sample on their website.)

And of course.


Now, 1/4 a large avocado is about 50 grams, which equals out to about 80 calories. What I've been doing is slightly toasting one slice of bread. Once it pops out of the toaster I slice it in half. This won't work on very thin bread very well, but works perfectly fine on the bread I linked above. Once I slice it I basically have 2 very thing slices of bread. Then I put one table spoon of that olive oil mayo and my avocado. My new calorie total????

155 calories!!!!

Less than a third of the original! Now, I'll be honest, most times I make myself 2. However, thats still only 310 calories. Far less than just one sandwich, considering how I used to make them. And of course, even less than when I would make flour tortilla tacos. 

This makes me feel like I can still eat what I like, but don't have to use up half of my daily calories. I've eaten this a few times in the past couple of weeks and it is delicious!! I know "Avocado sandwiches" are probably not for everyone. In fact, it may not even sound good to a lot of people, but I hope this helps show how you don't have to give up all of the things you love. 

You just have to find a different way of making them!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I'm 20 pounds down, or so.

It difficult though, I don't really notice the weight loss on myself very much.

Co-workers have noticed, they have told me they can see a difference. Of course, my husband also says he can see a difference. 

The only thing I've noticed is that some of my tops fit a bit looser. But when I look in the mirror, I really don't notice the weight loss.

Well, today was different!!

Within the next month or so, I have several family events that I'll be attending. Graduations, anniversaries, and a wedding shower. I knew I needed (actually I should say wanted, but ya know! lol) some new outfits. I wanted to buy a couple of dresses.

Let's rewind again shall we….

Shopping has always been a pain. Several years ago, many many years, I don't really remember how long ago. I think I was in high school, maybe even middle school. I was out shopping, looking for a dress. I'm not sure what store I was at, I'm not sure what the occasion was going to be. I really don't remember much, except for one thing. One thing that has been stuck in my mind all this time. 

As I was out shopping, I spotted a dress I really wanted. I found the largest size and walked into the dressing room. I squeezed myself into it.

And then I was stuck. Literally stuck in the dress. No matter how hard I tried I could not get out of it. I finally called out to my sister, who of course helped me out of it. We laughed about it together. It really didn't bother me at the time. I mean getting stuck in a dress is actually pretty funny. So that's all I saw it as, something stupid and funny. However, now many years later, I can't try on a dress without thinking I might end up stuck in it!

Ok, ok. Back to the present.

Today I went into Forever 21 to do some dress shopping. I picked out a few 3x sized dresses (and a couple other things) and waltzed into the dressing room. I actually had a good time!!! All the dresses fit, and most importantly I didn't get stuck in any of them. One of the dresses was even too big! I can't remember the last time that happened! 

I've never really loved shopping. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it, but it's just never been high on my favorite's list. I typically do most of my shopping online. I prefer trying things on in my own home, and just return things I didn't really like, or couldn't manage to squeeze into. Today was so different. It was actually a fun experience. Now I can't wait to go shopping again!!! I already told my husband he may have to give up some closet space!

So now I see it.

I have lost weight. 

Little by little, I am making progress!!! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday #3

First of all, I can't believe another week has flown by!!

As time has passed by, I must say the thought of pizza is starting to leave my brain (though not completely, of course).

Alright, but today was the weigh in.



Almost 3 pounds down from last week.

It's small progress, but I am truly elated. I can't even remember the last time I was at this weight. I am so close to seeing 23-something. I just can't wait to have see that 3 between two numbers!!! 

Last week it really bothered me that I had only lost one pound. Then I looked at my weight loss goals, and it really put things back into perspective. Even though my weight loss is slow, seeing that I have already exceeded my end of April goal really brightened me back up. 

I'm just so excited. And best of all...

I feel proud of myself!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

First Walk!

Of course I've walked before, but today was my first official "workout" walk. I downloaded an app on my phone called "MapMyWalk." It lets you make a map of your exercise route, tells you your time, pace, calories burned, and other details as well. 

It's great! 

My husband and I walked a little over a mile in about 30 minutes, most of which was up hill! Now, I know that's really slow, but were just starting out. By the way, my husband is also on a "diet" and has also lost about 20 pounds!

Anyway, our typical walks are usually very short and are just enough to let our little dog go do her business. I know if I want to be a "runner" I have to start somewhere! I made a schedule of different workouts I will be trying to do everyday. Changing between walking, cardio, and toning. I'm making myself do some kind of exercise every day of the week except Saturdays (thats my "lazy me day"). 

Now, these exercise things are new to me, so just with my diet, I'm starting slow and easing into the process. I'll post a detailed schedule once I actually stick to it for a few weeks.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weight Loss Goals

So, I wanted to share a bit more about my weight loss goals. I made (what I think to be) a very reasonable list of my goals. I really just want to be under 200 by the end of the year. Of course I plan to lose more after that, but for now, meeting this goal is what I'm focusing on. To get there, I would have to lose 6.5 pounds per month. Considering most say that a "healthy" weight loss rate is 1-2 pounds per week, I figured this plan would be just about right. When I made this list I weighed 259.2. Anyway, here is the breakdown of my goals:

End of March goal - 253.5

End of April goal - 247.0

End of May goal - 240.5

End of June goal - 234.0

End of July goal - 227.5

End of August goal - 221.0

End of September goal - 214.5

End of October goal - 208.0

End of November goal - 201.5

End of December goal - 195!!!

I'm already a bit ahead, which I am so incredibly excited about!!! Technically, I've already achieved my end of April goal and its only April 5th! I know that I probably won't be ahead of my goals throughout this whole process. I'm aware that weight drops off a lot faster towards the beginning of the diet. However, I will keep trying to meet or surpass my goals every month! I made a weight loss goals page at the end of my Erin Condren life planner to have a visual and bright reminder and I love the way it looks. (photo below) It's a great reminder as well as a motivator. I can't wait for the end of every month so I can fill in my weight loss!! 

By the way, when I purchased my life planner I was able to get $10 off by signing up on their website. I'm pretty sure they still have the same promotion for first time buyers!!

Good luck to everyone on a similar journey!! If you'd like to follow me on
myfitnesspal my username is CountdownToPrincess 

We can encourage each other along the way!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday #2


Stepped on the scale this morning. 


Only one pound lost this past week. Now, I'm not going to lie.

I'm disappointed.

I've been doing very well. I've been counting calories and writing down everything I eat in my food journal. My goal this past week was to be somewhere between 1300 and 1400 calories per day. Which I was able to do without much difficulty.  Now, I'm not sure if that's too many calories, but with the bit of research I did, that number seemed like a good place to start. I'm not giving up, of course. I plan to stick to that amount of calories for one more week, if I don't lose a bit more weight then I'll switch some things around. 

For now, I am reminding myself that even a small victory is a victory.

Better down than up!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Long Loooooong Journey

I mentioned in my first post that I knew this would be a long road.

However, I just realized how long it actually is going to be.

Not that I'm discouraged, I'm really not! I know that this time I will succeed. 
Even if it takes a long time. I guess with my optimism I hadn't truly thought about that "long road."

Ok, here's what happened.

A couple of nights ago I tried working out. Previous to that night I can't even remember the last time I had even attempted to work out. Anyway, I found a weekly list consisting of 8 or 10 daily exercises on Pinterest. The first thing on the list was 50 jumping jacks. I got to about 35 and had to stop. I felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest. I took a minute and then finished the rest of the jumping jacks. I had pretty much the same experience through the rest of the list, and really didn't do a very good job with the last few. 

But I got through it. 

At the end there I was so out of breath and I felt sick to my stomach. That's when it hit me. This is going to be difficult. Very difficult. Much more difficult than I had originally anticipated. But I'm also sure of one other thing.

I won't give up. 


Even if it takes me a long time.