Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Motivational Monday #1

(Quote by Henry David Thoreau. I'm not sure where the artwork came from, unfortunately, I found it on pinterest with a non working link.)

We all have dreams of what our life could be or should be. I think this quote can inspire anyone, not just those that are trying to lose weight. But when I see it, and I think of the way I picture myself, I can see the "skinny and healthy" me. 

There's been many a time that I see an outfit, or think of an activity, and believe I can't possibly wear that, or I can't possibly do that. It's just in my dreams. 

But I have to be confident, I know exactly what I want, I picture it all the time. I have to go in that direction and follow my dreams. Now, of course, my dreams aren't all about losing weight, but it's something I know I want. I want to be able to wear whatever I want. I want to jog, run, hike, bike, kayak, or whatever it may be. I want to go to a theme park and not worry if I'll be able to fit in the ride. I want to go to a store and not have to walk to the (typically small) plus sized section. I want to go to the beach and not worry about the way I look in a swim suit. I want to sit on any chair without worrying it may bend or break. I want to not feel winded after even a short walk. I want to not have to think about the weight limit on basically everything! I want to get on a plane without thinking the buckle may not fit around me. I want to go to a play or a concert and not feel like I have to wedge myself into the seat. And about a million other things. I don't go around stressing about every little thing all the time, but all the things I just mentioned are thoughts I've had, or scenarios I've been in at one point or another.

Now, I'm not saying that by losing weight everything will be nice and dandy. I mean who knows I could be skinny and yet not afford the beach vacation, right? 

I just know that I'm not the best me. I'm not the "dream" me. 

I look at this quote on an almost daily basis. It is, after all, plastered on the front of my erincondren life planner. Whenever I look at it I think of all my dreams, weight loss and all others, and think I have to make a change, I have to walk towards my dreams.

 I have to go confidently in the direction of my dreams and live the life I so often imagine. 

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