Monday, April 28, 2014

Food Journal Update

Ok, let me get to the point…

I stopped writing in my food journal… It was just a bit impractical. I had to use my phone/computer to look up the calories, remember to write them down, add everything up, sometimes add them up several times a day to make sure I still had enough left for my next meal. It started to get a bit annoying. So the new solution….

My fitness Pal!

In case you have not heard of it. My fitness Pal is a food and exercise journal app. It's basically an easy way to "food journal." It adds everything for you, and has access to a bunch of different food's nutritional information. It has made my life a whole lot easier.

I wanted to wait a while before I blogged about it, just in case I didn't end up liking it. But I do! I've used it for exactly 17 days (it tracks your calorie counting streak) and after just about 2 days I ditched the actual journal I was previously keeping. I have the app on my phone and iPad, so I'm never without it. You can also just go to the website,, from basically anywhere.

So, as you may have previously read, I had set my calorie goal somewhere between 1300-1400. I was unsure about this number and I felt like I was just "winging it." However, when I first signed up for the app it asked me for my height, my current weight, my activity level, and my weight ultimate weight loss goal. It then asked me how many pounds I wanted to lose per week (max of 2 lbs. per week). 

And Voila!

It gave me a 1300 calorie goal per day.

So, I started tracking.

I also found another app called "Map My Walk" that actually links to my fitness pal, so any exercise I do gets added to my journal automatically. And best of all it tells you how many calories you've lost and subtracts it from the amount you've already used. 

It really is super easy and has made my calorie tracking less of a pain.

Feel free to add me!! (link below) We can encourage each other along the way!

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