Tuesday, April 8, 2014

First Walk!

Of course I've walked before, but today was my first official "workout" walk. I downloaded an app on my phone called "MapMyWalk." It lets you make a map of your exercise route, tells you your time, pace, calories burned, and other details as well. 

It's great! 

My husband and I walked a little over a mile in about 30 minutes, most of which was up hill! Now, I know that's really slow, but were just starting out. By the way, my husband is also on a "diet" and has also lost about 20 pounds!

Anyway, our typical walks are usually very short and are just enough to let our little dog go do her business. I know if I want to be a "runner" I have to start somewhere! I made a schedule of different workouts I will be trying to do everyday. Changing between walking, cardio, and toning. I'm making myself do some kind of exercise every day of the week except Saturdays (thats my "lazy me day"). 

Now, these exercise things are new to me, so just with my diet, I'm starting slow and easing into the process. I'll post a detailed schedule once I actually stick to it for a few weeks.


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