Thursday, May 8, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday #7

I'm gonna keep this short. It's been a tough few days and I'm ready for bed.

I am, however, incredibly excited to say I lost….

3 more pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bringing my current weight to 232.4!!

And my total weight loss to 31.6 pounds!!!

I feel like my scale is haunting me with this ".4" thing. My last 3 weigh ins have had a .4 but thats ok. I'm still so happy!!!!!

Just a few weeks ago I couldn't wait to see a "3" between my weight number and now I'm so close to seeing a 2!!!!!!!!!!

I think the next 2 weeks might be a bit tough. I'm going to be doing some traveling, but I've packed my food scale and plan to continue staying within my calorie goal!

Seeing these kind of results is so motivating!!!!!

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