Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday #13


if you read last week's post, you may remember that I said I was going to be a bit more "strict" with my calories this week. I had been loosing smaller amounts of weight recently and I wanted to kick myself back into gear. 

I wanted to stick to 1200 calories instead of my usual 1300-1400 daily calories. Well, I tried. I must admit, most days I went over, but usually only by a little bit. 

Well, its mini dance party time again!! 

After a week of being extra careful...

I lost 4 pounds!!!!


I couldn't even believe it, that's the most weight I have lost in one week!!

4 whole pounds!!!

I have now lost a total of 44 pounds!

Bringing my current weight to 220 pounds! 

I am so so so close to the "teens."

This may be really strange, but sometimes I feel like it's all a dream. I'm just so happy that I'm doing this and I can't wait for Wednesdays every week.

Now, I know I had said I was going to do something special for myself once I reached 225 pounds. Obviously, I met that goal a couple of weeks ago, but I still have not decided what I want to get for myself. Once I do, I will give an update.

Thank you to everyone that has been reading and leaving comments, it's so great to hear from others that share this struggle! 

Please leave me comments or follow me on my username is CountdownToPrincess we can motivate each other!

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