Monday, June 30, 2014

End of June Update!!!

Well, as you can clearly see in the picture below....

I didn't have the greatest month.

That being said, I still managed to lose 6.8 lbs.

So here are the numbers:

I started at 264 pounds

I now weight 218.4 pounds!

Bringing my total weight loss to 45.6 pounds!!!

It's pretty amazing. 

I have a picture of my husband, my dog and myself as my background on my computer. Every time I look at it I can see a difference. A BIG DIFFERENCE.

It's hard to see it sometimes in the mirror, but that picture is a constant reminder of the progress I've made.

Anyway, I mentioned in my "End of May Update" that I was (at the time) wearing a size 20 pants and I was waiting for a size 18 to arrive in the mail (hoping they would fit). Well, they did fit! And within 2 weeks they started feeling very loose. So, I thought, what the heck I'll order a size 16, if I don't fit into them when they arrive I'll fit into them in a few weeks. 

Well, the pants arrived a couple of days ago.

They fit!!!!

I started off wearing a size 22 and I just fit into a size 16!!!

I have not worn a size 16 in so long!!! AHHHH!!!! 

Ok, as you can see from the picture below I'm still about 2 months ahead of schedule on my weight loss! I've mentioned before that I really don't want to redo my goals. I would much rather focus on the progress I've already made. However, July is usually a big celebration month. Lots of birthday parties (mine included) as well as several other family members. 


My husband and I are going on vacation at the end of the month. 

We haven't quite decided where, but I just want to go to the beach. We'll see where we end up.

I REALLY want to weigh 210 by the time I go on vacation, but that's only 3 weeks away. Realistically, it doesn't seem doable. 

I'm still going to try.

I'm going to be extra well behaved with my food choices in the next few weeks. 

Just in case I gain a little weight while on vacation :)

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  1. I once went on a 7 day cruise and lost 4 lbs. Then went on a 3 day and gained 3!

    The biggest difference was the company. My husband and I only had 2 big meals and a couple of snacks plus walked a LOT. The four-day was with my parents and other family and we mostly ate. Mom was in a wheelchair so we sat a LOT.