Friday, March 28, 2014

Food Journal - Day 1

I've been reading several health blogs. 

You know, trying to keep myself motivated. I recently read about the importance of keeping a food journal. As I've mentioned before, I love making lists. The idea of keeping a food journal seemed right up my alley. So today was my first day. 

For the past few days I've been counting calories, I'm currently trying to keep myself between 1,400 to 1,500 calories. I saw a lot of websites that suggested 1,200 calories per day to lose weight, but for now a bit of a higher range seems right for me. I've been eye-balling calories, but had not been writing any of them down. 

Today I was so surprised! Even though I'm eating more fruits and veggies, it was so surprising to see how quickly the calories add up! I did end up within my calorie "budget," but the number was actually a lot higher than I had originally thought. It was definitely an eye opener, and something I can see being very beneficial.

I'll keep working on it and see how it works out. Once I've gotten into the habit of using it, I'll make a post giving more details about it and show pictures.

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